Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Kinks-Secret Sessions-Complete Phenomenal Cat Set

Gosh, I love listening to the Kinks! Just give me The Village Green
Preservation Society and the Face To Face albums, and I'm a very
happy camper.The recent Who documentary called Amazing Journey
(first of all is first rate!) features a lot of interviews with Pete Townshend,
and he even admits he Kopped some Kinks sounds!
Well, WHO wouldn't? I would too. Ray Davies is one thee finest
songwriters and singers around. And that last solo album he made is
really quite good! He never sucks! This wonderful 3 disc set of Kinks
Outtakes says a lot. Even the outtakes and the so-called throw-away
tracks,BBC radio tracks,and live things are better than most bands properly
released albums! Imagine that?! So here's the proof! Listen up, there's
some tracks that didn't make it to some albums like Village Green, and
others, and they're just as good. This is a hard to find set, and really
well crafted-the artwork and the music are both really impressive.
Only some of the BBC music is rough, but where else are you going to
get it? And from kollecting Kinks for a long time, this all sounds better
than anyone else's. So here goes. Kinky Boots first-which comes with
front and back artwork too. It's very very nice!


Velvet Swine said...

You've outdone yourself this time. Definitely raising the bar! Bravo!!

Writer said...

hi, missed this integral offering! Any chance of upping it again?