Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Buddy Holly Tour Photo 1959

I bought this photo at a music convention,many years
and the seller told me he took this photo of Buddy Holly
at a show
in either Wisconsin or Minnesota in 1959. I couldn't
remember which show.
The photographer is Timothy D. Kehr,
and I tried to call him
but the phone number was changed,so I could
not ask permission to
post this photo. Well, hopefully he won't be
too angry at me for
posting it. But I think the photo should be seen,and
shared with other music
fanatics. I guess Tim was a young teen
when he snapped this wonderful photo! I proudly display this
framed around some other photos of Buddy's fans,so
they can all hang out together.
I love this picture, especially the way Buddy holds his guitar close.


Subcomandante Marcos said...

Agree, 'tis a great photo.

Timmy said...

Hi, my name is Timmy & I don't mind that you have this photo posted. Thanx!

Richie said...

That is a great photo.
I can never put in to words exactly how important Buddy Holly is to me.

bk said...

This photo captures Holly's spirit unlike any I've ever seen. I love everything about it. Is it possible to get a higher res version? I would love to get a copy framed for my home.

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