Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Buffalo Bop - Dee Jay Jamboree Records Presents: Doo Wop From Rome Records - Do-Re-Mi Rock!

27 Tracks from Rome Records 1960-1962 Doo Wop from the
DJ Jamboree label
,which is a side label from Buffalo Bop. In the
tradition of
my Buffalo Bop posts, this is but another one that I
have not posted yet. I wasn't sure if my dear readers would groove
to the sounds of Doo Wop music at all, but give it a try. It does sound
old fashioned to most people,but some things just might actually grow
on you after listening to them. It's super rare music in the same tradition
of the usual Buffalo Bop rockabilly, and I will feature more of these as
I find them,I'll post 'em. Thanks loyal supporters,the link is in the
comments,along with the artwork, and such.


garage 66 & mojo repair shop said...

Here we go:


doowop geoff said...

You can't have too much doo wop just keep posting

Shawn said...

Doo Wop fans may be few and far between now, hopefully some brave souls will download this one and get converted! Thanks for the upload.

Chris said...

I know for a fact that there are a lot of Doo Wop fans--young and old(er)--still kicking around. No worries, I would hope, that you'd not find any takers for this kind of vintage material.

Thanks, and keep it up. :-)