Monday, June 8, 2009

The Traveling Record Man- Various Artists- Historic Down South Recording Trips of Joe Behari & Ike Turner

Whoo hoo, I love getting and sharing this music...and I'm hopped up
to tell you about it. This release has some super rare stuff by:
Howlin' Wolf or Howling Wolf - an acetate of "Riding In The Moonlight"
which was a reworking of "Moaning At Midnight"
"Morning At Midnight"

Plus there's a real nice version of Pinetop Slim doing a
fabulous take of
"Baby, Please Don't Go", and the one man band
of the great Joe Hill Louis.
There's something raw and wonderful about
the blues, that you can also hear in a lot of rockabilly music.
These recordings were made between
1948-1953 and were issued by Modern Records, and worth a
isten. So, please give them a chance.Many of the tracks were never
issued, on vinyl or released to the public until now. Hipsters try this new
active link here. Traveling


garage 66 & mojo repair shop said...

Whoo hoo this is cool stuff:

Mellow said...


the download link appears not correcly on my pc. can you post it again?

garage 66 & mojo repair shop said...

The link appears to work if you copy and paste it in a word pad then grab the whole link and try again.
I should make my links shorter when I upload them next time.
Just try a couple of times, or paste the link into a search engine box,that also could help.

Uncle Gil said...

The link is incomplete... it stops at "Travelling_"
We must have the rest...

garage 66 & mojo repair shop said...
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garage 66 & mojo repair shop said...

Try this link instead,otherwise I'll re-upload it as soon as I can...
sorry 'bout that.

garage 66 & mojo repair shop said...

Grab entire link copy and paste and put into a large enough browser.

S R Management said...

NO Go dude. is the rest:
...Traveling_Man.rar ?
Really need a complete link to work. Thanks

garage 66 & mojo repair shop said...

Sorry about these links,they seemed to be working,for me,when I tested them. Try the new active link,at the end of the post,dude.