Friday, January 15, 2010

Ouch I have a concussion.

I fell and hurt myself,and need to rest. I slipped, and fell, my head
hit a pipe and I feel dizzy,tired,and can't balance myself that well.
I also have blurry vision ,headaches, but it's going away....
The doctors say I should be okay in 24-48 hours, and will be okay.
(not everyone agrees with that though! )
I'm still here.
I'm gathering music to share and other things. I know that the blog
world is weird and people might think you've left it all behind.
Nope, I'm just resting. I need a lot of rest. As soon as I start
complaining, I should be back to normal.Whatever normal is.
That's the sign I'm okay.


The Hound said...

Don't skimp on the painkillers is my moto...hope you have a speedy recovery.

Trustar said...

Hold onto your head Steph. It's the only one they're gonna give you.

Hope your feeling better.(8>)>


Richie said...

Nice lobes!

Timmy said...

I will pour the healing vibes all out until the saturation of strength lifts lightness upon your direction.

Scott said...

Sorry to hear about your condition. The music can wait a bit longer. Let's hope you'll feel better soon.

garage 66 & mojo repair shop said...

I've got the pain pills,but they don't help my brain heal. I sleep A LOT.
The doc said my brain needs to heal,and that will take time...and I'm a type A hard not to want to start a project or lift things.

I am confused,and can't type the letters the correct way,it's almost like dyslexia.
And when I try to remember little things: facts,and trivia,things are a bit slow.(which makes me angry)

Timmy must have gotten into my pain pill stash...

Thanks everyone,you are so kind,which is a rare thing,these days.

peterrocker said...

Almost like an Elvis song. I Slipped I Stumbled & Fell. However, it sounds like a nasty little fall. I hope all will be well.
Gotta get all that memory back asap.

Dave C said...

Had one before Christmas after a bicycling accident. I was effed up for a couple of weeks. Good luck with your recovery.

Recordjan said...

I wish you all the best.
I feel with you: Slipped myself on that friday morning. Broke my arm & hurt my head on a fire hydrant. I now have a loud ringing in my ear. But it's going to be okay.
Hope u 2!
Thanks for this wonderful Blog

jk from germany

Exeter said...

I hope your recovery is VERY swift!

The Bomber said...

Amigo take care and rest.

Hope you get fully recover.

Cheers n rest

Uncle Deetou said...

Take it easy amigo...

Glenn said...

Hey Mojo,

You have been much, much to quiet as of late. How are you doing? Are you getting any better? Or we going to use a medium to contact you?

Seriously, hope you are doing better and able to get back on the circut soon.


garage 66 & mojo repair shop said...

I'll be back soon.Concussions take longer to heal,when you have migraines too.This is hard to deal with,but the good thing is,I'm getting things ready. I'm trying to stay positive. Thanks everyone for caring.

Cyborg and Co. said...

Get well soon!