Friday, March 19, 2010

John Lomax and his son Alan Lomax and the story of Lead Belly

Top photo of the pardon Lead Belly received by Pat Neff
Lead Belly's ticket to get out of jail,and the next picture is
Alan Lomax as a young folk singer,third photo
is John Lomax the one who "discovered" Lead Belly.
The fourth photo shows John Lomax's trunk of his car
outfitted with the latest live recording gear as he travels
throughout the south searching for music from folk and
blues artists for the Library of Congress in Washington,DC.


Timmy said...

This is a really fascinating story, It needs to be told. Much of Lomax's efforts yeilded truely great recodings & interest in our musical backgrounds that probably would have been lost without millions of folks ever having known what this great music felt & sounded like. Thanx!

whiteanduptight said...

Hey, I just stumbled on your blog and I think I may have found my lost mojo (they don't call me "white&uptight" for nothin'! :)

But wow, this is really cool having this post about John & Alan Lomax- they were the first ones to record and "discover" Muddy Waters, too, weren't they??

Very glad I found your blog!