Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Rolling Stones-Satanic Sessions 8 CD Set and the brilliance of Brian Jones

It's the 40th Anniversary of Brian Jones mysterious death,and
I just came across this set,and think it's fabulous
Crisp clear studio outtakes, and several versions
of songs we
all know and love: versions of : Jigsaw Puzzle,
2000 Light Years From Home,Citadel, We Love You,
Child Of The Moon, She's A Rainbow, The Lantern,
Sing This All Together, Gomper, 2000 Man.
Plus some working song titles: Gold Painted Nails,
Majesties Honky Tonk, In Another Land Chorus,
Soul Blues, Blues # 3, Five Part Jam, all of these are clearly
songs they're still trying to work up into the album. A lot of critics
thought maybe the band was just trying to compete with
The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper,but from listening to this, this is just
another record with a variety of ideas, and songs, perhaps it was
an attempt at making a story or trying to string songs together to
make a themed album. It was actually slated to be released before
the Beatles album,but courts,drug busts and other things kept them
out of the studio,and made it that harder to make cohesive album.
Still, this is cool,and you feel like a fly on the wall getting a
chance to hear how they make songs.
Complete with artwork,fronts/backs with detailed take numbers,
and song titles, enjoy!
Volume 1 Disc 1

Volume 1 Disc 2

Volume 1 Disc 3

Volume 1 Disc 4

Volume 2 Disc 1

Volume 2 Disc 2

Volume 2 Disc 3

Volume 2 Disc 4


Timmy said...

The Rolling Stones were great most of their carreer, up until around 10 years ago, but the most creative & genuine Rock & Blues period was definetly with Brian Jones.

Rev. Dr. Moller. MDMA, THC and BAR. said...

Great, thanks very much for sharing this, I'm a big Stones fan of this era but I've never seen this before.