Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wanda Jackson- Right Or Wrong 4 Disc Box Set 1954-1963

Well,since you loved Wanda so much,I have this to add
to your library of music. This set came out on the much loved
label Bear Family, and I'm happy to be able to share this
with all you fans of rockabilly,country and snarky girl rockers.
This set features 124 more Wanda Jackson songs you can't live
without. There's country,rockabilly,rock 'n' roll, and even some
exotic sounds from Wanda. 4 Discs complete with artwork,
which is really fine looking, and some awesome photos of
her in her prime. This set came out in 2001, and was hard to get
even then,fans of Bear Family know it's hard to find this stuff.
If you EVER see a copy of this for goodness sakes buy it!
You'll be kicking yourself if you don't. The sound is lush,
and jaw dropping. My buddy heard it, and immediately had
to have a copy, and he's this dyed in the wool hippie.
(I mean he can't stop listening to that late 60's album rock)
Apparently Wanda Jackson had an "effect" on him.
Yeah it's that good. Even if you're NOT a fan of country music,
I think Wanda is still very easy to like,so give it a listen,and
tell me what you think.
Wanda Jackson Disc 1

Wanda Jackson Disc 2

Wanda Jackson Disc 3

Wanda Jackson Disc 4


ryan said...

Thank you for another great upload!

1verycoolguy said...

Wanda is and has always been one of my very favorite female artists. Not only is she gorgeous but here voice is out of this world. I fell in love with her a long time ago.

Tony Tost said...

This is a brilliant post. Thank you.

Timmy said...

Quite rightly! Wanda & her wave of female arch angelica vocalizin'... It's enough to make a mad dog break his chain.

Exeter said...

Mojo repair shop has done it again!
Thank you!!

jerome said...

The files have been deleted on Rapidshare. :( I'll give you my soul if you repost this.

Phil said...

All links are dead, please, can you reupolad?
Thanks for great blog.

garage 66 & mojo repair shop said...

Hi folks,
I can't re upload this right now,I posted it on Sunday,and sometimes you have to move a little quicker.
I'm surprised to be targeted on here.
That Wanda Jackson set is from 2001,and way out of print,the label sold all of their copies,unless you're lucky to find one via ebay...
So I don't get it.
Maybe another blogger will post it in a way the link can't be taken down,try a search via other search engines.

Phil said...

thanks anyway

Sarah said...

Perhaps you could try again please?