Sunday, August 23, 2009

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band- Grow Fins - Ella Guru

Captain Beefheart is for lunch today,here's discs 3 & 4
and most importantly are a whole disc of tracks from the
1969 Trout Mask Replica sessions,and they are excellent
sounding takes. Makes you wonder what the Captain
thought was acceptable and not. And how could he tell?
He must have been going for that certain feeling, or that
weirdness that you can't describe. Either way, a
secret decoder ring list of all of the band people that came
and played along, just so you can keep score. It was a
revolving list of people adding their color to the canvas.
Complete with track lists, disc one contains all of the
artwork for you to make your own box set. Just color
nice kids,and you don't have to stay within the lines either.

Captain 3

Captain 4

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