Saturday, August 29, 2009

Chuck Berry - The Chess Years Red Box - I Want to Be Your Driver

Discs Five & Six today, with 25 and 27 tracks each. Still a couple of
cool hits and a lot less known tracks from the 1950's, and some from
the early 60's to mid 60's.This is perhaps the more less known music:
My Mustang Ford, Merrily We Rock & Roll, She Once Was Mine,
Ain't That Just Like A Woman, Lonely School Days, I'm A Rocker,
No Particular Place To Go, Chuck's Beat, I Want To Be Your Driver,
and it's strong as ever with that Chuck Berry patented riff all throughout.
It's also some excitable, happy music, the song Butterscotch is a
serious guitar workout,instrumental not to be missed.
A lot of these 60's tracks have the same themes in them from the
vintage 50's Chuck, but they never seem to sound too dated.
After It Over is a slow blues instrumental number that really
shows his guitar playing off. Everyday We Rock & Roll is yet
another guitar riff-fest.
Chuck 5

Chuck 6


Curty Ray said...

This is great! Thank you

Glenn said...

Fantastic job on the Chuck Berry offerings. Checked at Amazon for availability of this set and only a 4-CD set is available, not this 9-CD when you finish posting.

Awesome and thank you for running a wonderful site. Your hard work is appreciated by myself and I'm sure other as well.

Thank you,


Scott said...

Thank you so much for the Chuck Berry box set. This is nothing short of excellent. Please, please, please submit the final three discs in the set! That's one please per disc.;) Seriously, you have a great site here. Keep up the great work.

Scott said...

Thank you so much for all the Chuck Berry goodness. Please, please, please submit the remaining 3 discs in the box set - that's one please per disc.;) Seriously though, excellent site.

pixelmutt said...

Thanks for all this Chuck