Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jimmy Reed - The Vee-Jay Years Disc 1 & 2

Here I am again,after taking some much needed time off
from blogging,doing other things.
I found another vital box
of music in my collection that needs to be heard. This
particular set is 6 discs with 139 tracks of happening
music. I hope to bring more of this kind of music later,
I also have some Little Walter,John Lee Hooker, and
Earl Hooker(John Lee's cousin),some Skip James discs,
I don't know what else,but if you like that kind of stuff,
you'd better stayed tuned. I'm on a blues kick, and have
been for a while, and maybe I will go back to posting
rockabilly and other things in the future. I'm just into this
right now....okay? Jimmy Reed The Vee-Jay Years
is another Charley series box set, so if you understand
what that means it's a giant set,sounds better than anything,
and it's as complete as you're going to set. "Charley
NEVER releases any crap" is what I say,and you can
quote me. This is where it's at, hipsters,there's a lot of
bands who covered Jimmy Reed,and when you listen to
this set you will know why.
Here's Disc One:
1.High And Lonesome 2.Jimmy's Boogie 3.I Found My Baby
4.Roll And Rhumba 5.You Don't Have To Go
6.Boogie In The Park 7.Shoot My Baby 8.Rockin' With Reed
9.You Upset My Mind 10.I'm Gonna Ruin You
11. Pretty Thing 12.I Ain't Got You
13.She Don't Want Me No More 14.Come On Baby
15.I Don't Go For That 16.Baby,Don't Say That No More
17.Ain't That Lovin' You Baby 18.Can't Stand To See You Go
19.When You Left Me 20.I Love You Baby 21.My First Plea
22.You Got Me Dizzy 23.Honey,Don't Let Me Go
24.Untitled Instrumental
This all includes scans of front,back @320

Jimmy Reed Disc 1

Disc Two:

1.It's You Baby 2.Honey,Where Are You Going
3.Do The Thing 4.Little Rain 5.Signals Of Love
6.The Sun Is Shining 7.
Baby,What's On Your Mind
8.Honest I Do 9.State Street Boogie 10.Odds And Ends
11.My Bitter Seed 12.Ends And Odds
13.My Baby(Down In Virginia) 14.You're Something Else
15.A String To Your Heart 16.Go On To School
17.You Got My Crying 18.The Moon Is Rising
19.Down In Virginia 20.I'm Gonna Get My Baby
21.I Wanna Be Loved 22.Caress My Baby
23.I Know It's A Sin

Jimmy Reed Disc 2


Chef JP said...

The term "vital" only begins to describe how important this music really is...

Mario B said...

Carry on with the blues ! Many thanks for the Wolf & Muddy and now Mr. Reed.

Martin said...

Thanks for another great share.

Full covers see :

peter said...

This is all you need of Jimmy Reed, and it is essential for any music lover. Thx for sharing:)

garage 66 & mojo repair shop said...

Thanks everyone-really nice to read the comments,and get some feedback for all of the work I do. I really appreciate it!