Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jimmy Reed - The Vee-Jay Years Disc 3 & 4 Big Boss Man!

Jimmy Reed needs no introduction,he is covered by
a lot of blues artists,and rock artists the world over.
All of his best songs are in this series.
Disc 3 -
1.You'n That Sack 2.Going To New York
3.I Told You Baby 4.Take Out Some Insurance
5.I'm Nervous 6.You Know I Love You
7.Baby,What You Want Me To Do 8.Goin' By The River 1
9.Goin' By The River 2 10.Where Can You Be
11.Hush Hush 12.I Was So Wrong 13.Blue Blue Water
14.Please Don't 15.Found Love
16.You Gonna Need My Help 17.Hold Me Close
18.Come Love 19.Big Boss Man 20.Meet Me
21.I Got The Blues 22.Sugar Sugar
23.Got Me Chasing You

Jimmy Reed Disc 3

Disc 4 -
1.Down The Road 2.Want To Be With You Baby
3.Jimmy's Rock 4.Tell The World I Do
5. You're My Baby 6.Ain't Gonna Cry No More
7.Close Together 8.You Know You're Looking Good
9.Laughing At The Blues 10.I'm A Love You
11.Kind Of Lonesome 12.Found Joy
13.Tell Me You Love Me 14.Bright Lights
15.Baby,What's Wrong
16.Aw Shucks,Hush Your Mouth 17.I'm Mr. Luck
18.Blue Carnegie 19.Take It Slow 20.Good Lover
21.Down In Mississippi 22.Too Much

Jimmy Reed Disc 4

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