Saturday, January 24, 2009

Buffalo Bop - Rock-A-Billy Party - Married Life Blues

The cover of Rockabilly Party looks more like a hillbilly strip
club scene,
a bad scene from Deliverance or something of that nature.
One of those fellows has a Molotov cocktail in the back round,okay.
I'm confused. But the music inside is all pure original
1950's rockabilly
various artists and it's a good one.
It's a theme of miscellaneous songs
and themes:
Little Red Caboose, Lonesome Old Jail, Waitin' For A Train,
Bubble Gum Boogie, I'm Being Haunted,
Way Up Alaska Way,
Sleepy Time Blues,
Rockin' Through The Tunnel Of Love, Have Myself
A Ball, All Messed Up and
Married Life Blues.Something I'm sure
many of us can
all relate to..Look for the links in the comments sections.


garage 66 & mojo repair shop said...

Whoo hoo! Rock-A-Billy Party here:

Thanks for being patient with me,while I was sick and needed a break from blogging.

mojo repair shop/garage 66

Don said...

Thank you for all the Buffalo Bop comps. This particular one is missing 3 tracks though:

06 Jimmy Stewart - Nuthin' But Nuthin'
16 Ray Strong - You're Gonna Reap What You Sow
24 Roban Sanders - You Tore Your Playhouse Down

Any chance you have these and can provide another link for them?

Thank you.