Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chuck Berry - The Chess Years Red Box - Reelin' And Rockin'

The final three discs to this set. I wasn't trying to keep it from
the fans, just busy doing other musical things. Trust me, I'd never
keep you from Chuck Berry,he's just too cool!
Well, the last remaining discs here have 14 tracks,16 and 24
per disc, and are just as important of any of the other discs!
Now, you are a hipster. Don't forget Chuck inspired The Beatles,
The Stones, and The Beach Boys, and untold thousands more
musicians, and then all of the non musicians who are just fans!
He's in a class all by himself!
Chuck 7

Chuck 8

Chuck 9


Retreat From Oblivion said...

Thanks for all these - what a treat to hear all these other great songs that haven't been played to death!

KL from NYC said...

Thanks again.

Clay said...

This is fantastic. Thanks for posting.