Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Howlin' Wolf - Complete Chess Recordings 1951-1969 Discs 4 & 5

Disc 4 & 5 feature 24 and 25 more songs to wet your whistle.
Some of the best songs Willie Dixon ever wrote are on disc 5.
And disc 4 is mostly Chester Burnett or Howlin' Wolf's written
songs. How can you compare? You can't compare
"I Asked For Water" to "Down In The Bottom", they're both
equally great. One particular song was written by both Burnett
and Dixon and that is "Howlin' For My Darling". Again, they are
all strong songs, even the ones,that aren't blues ready classics are
still better than many other blues artists best works. Maybe it's
the delivery, and the emotional content. You bet it is.
Sam Phillips "When I heard Howlin' Wolf, I said,This is for me.
This is where the soul of a man never dies!"
Then Wolf came over to the studio...he was six foot six, with
the biggest feet I've ever seen...He would sit there with two
feet planted wide apart,playing nothing but the French harp,
and I tell you, the greatest show you could see to this day
would be Chester Burnett in my studio".
The first session at Sun Records was held on May 14th or
in July of 1951,with the Wolf, Willie Johnson, and
Willie Steele (Ike Turner added his energetic style on piano
on "How Many More Years") There was no attempt to tone
down the powerful sound of the band,indeed the first
results encapsulate the Wolf's sound: the eerie moans and
howls,the rasping and menacing voice,the consistent lyrical
theme of being cheated and abused,all fueled by aggressive
harp and guitar playing.
The results were new,exciting and immediate. I give you,
both discs 4 and 5, it's the mostest daddy-o.
Howlin' Wolf 4

Howlin' Wolf 5


Dave C said...

I love Howlin' Wolf. He's by a long stretch my favorite blues singer ever. His voice is so incredibly unique. In an eerie aside, we have a candid photo of my deceased grandfather that I have etched into my head. Years later I was reading Peter Gualnick's book "Lost Highway" which had a lengthy section on Wolf. An accompanying photo of Wolf, based on pose, setting, clothes, jewerlry, cigarette, hand position, etc. was spot on with the family photo. Blew my mind! He's been my fave since. I have really enjoyed this series of posts in a big way. Thanks.

Scott said...

Man, thanks ever so much for Howlin' Wolf! This, as well as Chuck Berry, has been just wonderful. but is there any way possible you could re-up the Bo Diddley box set? You've whetted my appetite for that one!