Monday, October 13, 2008

Hasil Adkins-Chicken Walk Buffalo Bop

One of my favorite crackpots,Hasil Adkins. It's pronounced
"Hassle" not "Hay-zil" He's considered an "outsider artist" but he
once claimed he just had "bad microphones". I would have to agree
with Hasil. And that's what must have prevented him from having
that "big hit". Success eludes a lot of us Hasil. He was a warm hearted
sweet guy, that slightly scared the hell out of me,when you saw him
live in person.You just never knew what the heck was going to happen
at his shows. Either way, once you hear the music it either grows on
you,or you shake your head in confusion. If you shake your head
with confusion, I don't know why you're even on this site! And you're
not cool. He was a one man band, and drove to every show
a la Chuck Berry styled touring,and played all of his own instruments
all by his own bad self. He's a one of a kind.
And I assure you this disc is way out of print and worth getting, right
along with his opus "Poultry In Motion" disc from Norton Records.
Wake up before the coolness passes you by you sheep-people.
He's already passed onto hillbilly heaven, and he died while on tour.
Born April 29th, 1936 Passed on to the great geetar in the sky
on April 25th,2005. We should make April Hasil Adkins month
don't you think? Vote "Yes", on your ballot.
On wikipedia, he was billed as country,rock and roll, blues,
and JAZZ! Hmmm. Is that what that is? And he was equally skilled
on the harmonica, and keyboard, and played the guitar, and
drums,and sang all at the same time onstage.There has to be
videos of him on you tube and children,I encourage you to learn
at all times. Oh yeah,there's 30 tracks on this disc. And I'm sort of
angry my favorite song isn't on here, (but at least No More
Hot Dogs is on this) and that's "We Got A Date".
So go and find that song, and tell me what you think.


jothman said...

tanx for sharing - I have this and it's one great album. Now, not to be picky, but it's not technically Buffalo Bop. It from the Dee Jay label, the same publisher that does Buffalo Bop, and it's number 55025 is in the same numbering scheme as the Buffalo Bop numbers, but it's not Buffalo Bop. But please don't let that stop you from adding this gem to your collection.

This is one fan-xxxxxxx-tastic site. tanx a million for all the great posts.

jothman said...

PS my favorite track is "She Said"

Timmy said...

Tanks fer dis, mon. It be a great mon who sing & sing 'bout dat chicken tings...

The Hound said...

is this you (as in Chris Cush).
You can find me @
if not, never mind....

garage66 said...

the hound:
no this isn't Chris___. But I like your blog anyways. We must have lived the same parallel life as DJ's but just in different towns.
I can always spot a soul that's like mine.Likes the Velvet Underground,Nico,Robert Quine...

-garage 66/ mojo repair shop

The Hound said...

Sorry, there used to be a guitar shop in the East Village run by a guy named Chris that everone hung out in for about fifteen years. You could walk in there and literally run into to anyone from Robert Quine to Ron Asheton. I bought my Tele there. Anyways, love your sight, I had Hasil Akdins on my old radio show a few times, very tough interview. He'd be really talkative until the mike went on then he'd just grunt.
last time I saw him he ate a whole box of salt (pouring it into his hand then into his mouth).

garage66 said...

That's hilarious hound,
When I saw Hasil,he ate a whole can-a store size box of Slim Jims,and Beek Jerky stuff,just like that.And nothing else. Then,during an interview,off mic,he chatters,then on mic he just grunts? Great! I had bands like that on my radio show! Absolutely frustrating,and like why are you here,if you're not going to talk on air about your band or the shows you're doing?
Grrr. I once interviewed The Meatmen on my show,and they insisted that I played Judas Priest records in between the interview. Not their own music.

Red Neckerson said...

Great Post! My favorite Hasil story is Haz is staying at one of the Kicks writers house, I am pretty sure it is Billy Mure. Hasil gets up in the night and is apparently hungry. There was no commodity meat in the house so he see's a can of Campbell's chicken soup setting out and opens up and cooks it. turns out it was a Andy Warhol autographed can that hasil trashed.
No More Hot Dogs!


garage66 said...

That's another fine story Red,you see Hasil,has no use fer dem artistes types. He wouldn't know who the hell Andy Whorehall is,and he'd say it just like that. It wouldn't even bother him knowing that the can of soup was no good anymore. He was hungry,and he had the worst diet known to mankind. I'm surprised he didn't just keel over from the food he ate.

Any other Hasil stories,might make a book here. You can just make up some too,that would be okay as well. Because I would probably believe it! He's so "out there".
I think the people from Norton Records have stories they could share,so maybe it's time to ask Billy and Miriam!
Thank ya fer writin'

garage 66/mojo repair shop