Sunday, October 26, 2008

Monster Party 2000- MuSick-Stay Sick Turn Blue!

You have no idea how much I love Halloween, do you?
Well,here's another compilation you just gotta hear! This one
is one of thee best- look at the head count of these bands:
Satan's Pilgrims, The Boss Martians, The 3-D Invisibles,
The Woggles, Electric Frankenstein, Deadbolt, Bleed,
The Chimps, The Space Cossacks, Freddy Fortune & The
Four-Gone Conclusions, The Hellbenders, Fifty Foot Combo,
Eddie Angel & The Omega Men,The Tiki Tones...and more.
Whatta pile-o-fun here on this disc. This isn't that scary,though.
What really scares me is Governor Sarah Palin, and what's
going to happen to us all in the next year or so.
Well ,the music should drown your sorrows,and cheer you
up for a least 40 minutes or so. And that's the best I can do.
More Buffalo Bops soon, so you can get your fix.


voodoorhythm said...

what a great blog!
any chance of getting links to that 12 disc bo diddley box set!? i've never seen it before!

garage66 said...

Hi Voodoorhythm;
If the links say they're "Blocked"
forget it! Someone has complained,and they don't want to see that music posted on this site.
It's banned,it's not available anymore. Sorry.Obviously it's not allowed.I checked the links. Most of them work,but some do not.
That's the way it goes on here,you don't know who owns it,and who's unhappy about those old links.
That's the nature of this blog,some things are going to be okay to post and others not. So you have to just check these pages out quicker,before things are taken down. There's no way of knowing who is behind that-taking the music off of the sites,I never got a warning or anything to tell me what was protected music or music I could allow people to sample/hear.
I only try to post things that are clearly old enough to be out of print,and no longer available to people who want to hear them.

I never get a message from Blogger or Google about any problems they have about this site.
And I sure would appreciate knowing who is bothered by this,and just simply writes me a message stating their issues with it,and I will take it down.
Simple communication is vital to us all,then we know what is okay and what isn't.

garage 66/ mojo repair shop

voodoorhythm said...

cool...totaly understand.i only checked 2 and assumed they were all down,i'll try again.anyway now ive found your blog ill be looking everyday!thanks for the fast response!