Monday, October 13, 2008

Tuff-E-Nuff - Buffalo Boppin' - Cool Guitar!

First off,it's nice that people like these compilations. Once you
listen to a couple of these, you can become addicted to them
pretty easily. I did, and with so many volumes,I am also never
bored with the music,ever. The tracks that stand out on this volume
are: Wiggle Walkin' Baby, Crazy,Crazy, My Rock And Roll Daddy,
Cool Guitar, It's Witchcraft, and High Classed Baby!
As always,these come along with artwork, and most of these covers
are from actual pulp fiction styled paperbacks, which are also
highly collectible, for their hand drawn artwork. You can actually
google that, and find a mountain of artwork! Plus they're
kind of funny, in a dated sort of way. Again just to keep you
tuned into these,these tracks are from the original 45's-the singles
plucked right out of the 1950's, and many of them were never
reissued on any other disc.A true time machine find. So Go,Man,Go!

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