Monday, October 20, 2008

Teenage Wolfpack-Buffalo Bop-Go Crazy Man!

Another Buffalo Bop in the series of great songs by obscure artists,
who should've made more records! Another 30 tracks with one really
rare acetate,and it's Sonny Fisher "Rockin' Daddy" wow, that means
it's never been pressed into a single, and that's the only way you could
hear this song. And there's plenty more Class-A rockabilly like these
songs: When Sin Stops, Rockin' Beat, Cotton Pickin' Heartache,
Jello Sal, Hootchi Cootchi Man,Shake Bop, and a groovy little tune
"Whiplash" by Riki And The Rikitones! All from the 1950's, when
people had fallout shelters, and drove very large cars made from
real thick metal, and the led sled was born. I come from a long line
of car enthusiasts, and we always date ourselves by our cars.
Copy and paste into your browser and warm up the tube amp!


skampus said...

twilightzone blog seems to be disappeared.
is there anyone who knows wht it happened?

frumious bandersnatch said...

Thanks a lot for all those excellent Buffalo Bop comps !

PS : yes, twilightzone has mysteriously disappeared. Don't know what happened but a lot of people in forums are talking about it. No clue until now, that's an abrupt end. Sad news, indeed.

Cooks With Wine said...

Thanks for all the Buffalo Bop comps - great stuff (especially the Elvis!).

And I wondered about Twilightzone yesterday. Can you point me to a forum where I might follow the chatter?

Much appreciated. Carry on!

garage66 said...

Yes,I noticed it was gone late last night,and began emailing others,like Trustar Vibrations,it seems certain they're gone,and we don't know why just yet what might have happened. I'm guessing there is a mistake on the part of blogger,because why would they remove a site that was really benefiting a lot of people,and had a lot of traffic?
I think the communuty forum may help,and there's always other bloggers that might know. But I'll pass on any info I get.Trustar Vibrations wrote to the fellows who put up Twilightzone,so I hope to hear something soon.We're all kind of puzzled at it.
Keep checking back.I wonder what it was that set off this problem?
Could it be the deleters making up complaints? I always saw things being put up that were safe and out of print material,so can't see why this happened.

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Fernando Casals said...

this compilations are amazing!Thanks