Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rock! - Buffalo Bop - Blankety Blank!

Well, this title pretty much says it all doesn't it? You betcha!
Another 30 tracks of vintage rockabilly from the 1950's, with
cool songs like: Wiggling Blond, How About A Date, Hot Dog,
Bop A Lena, Rock n' Roll Grandpa, Raised On Rock n' Roll,
It's A Lonely World, and Blankety Blank.
It's a hoot to listen to, and I think this series will get you hooked
to this sound, make sure you check out other blogs with this kind
of fabulous music. If you're a total crack-pot like me, you might
as well go under the google search engine,and type rockabilly
and rapid share and look out. Hope you have a large hard drive,
you rock and roll monkeys. I know some people like to abuse
rapid share, but how can you when you get to hear all of this
lovely music? Never complain about it because you never know
when this whole damn thing will come to a crashing end.
Links are now in the comments, okay?!


waxhound said...

Dear garage 66 / mojo repair:

Many thanks for all the BBs.

I feel very much like you about doo-wop. I don't mind it once in a while, especially the faster, wilder, more fun stuff, but for me rockabilly ('56 punk) wins out every time.

That and '66 punk, and '76 punk.

Save the doo-wop for later, and just keep that fine rockabilly coming, please!

Thanks again!

Marc (Canada)

PS: It might be wise not to have direct explicit links to r@pidshare on the blog. Rather just text that people have to cut and paste as you had on some posts(or something else) to avoid the deleting and other hassles that have plagued other blogs. Just a friendly tip to the hip...

garage 66 & mojo repair shop said...

Links are now in the comments section,there are no passwords.

You might have to copy and paste this link into a word program,and then use it. Waxhound thinks it's a good idea,and I would have to agree. Thanks,

Mojo Repair Shop/Garage 66