Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Alley Cat - Buffalo Bop - Go Cats Go!

Meeow! The Alley Cat volume of Buffalo Bop contains 30
more tracks of keen 1950's rockabilly. And it's all good!
They're rocking my stereo, and I'm digging these particular tracks:
Jelly Roll Rock, Run Run Mabel, It's A Fad,Ma!, The Shake,
Don't Be Unfair, I Love Her,Right Or Wrong, Go Cat's Go,
Muscle Beach, and Nervous And Shakin' All Over.
Another fine compilation of vintage sounds that are truly addictive.
There's more Buffalo Bops and Dee Jay Jamborees I'm not
sure you hep cats want me to post. I've got several volumes of
Explosive Doo Wop, Philadelphia Doo Wop, Brooklyn Doo Wop,
and White And Still All Right! Doo Wop From The Late 50's-
Early 60's. You guys want that or just the rockabilly?
To me, they're a contrast in music and different sounding...
But hey, whatever floats your boat. I'm more the rocking type
of chick/wacko myself. Your comments will either make them
appear on this blog or not. So go to it. Either way, I'm rocking
the whole Buffalo Bop series of rockabilly right now,folks.
Information in the comments section.


jothman said...

garage 66,

Nice of you to let us decide on the Dee Jay posting. here is my vote - I would like the occasional DooWop post. Once in a while. But rockabilly and early rock are much more to my liking. Yup, just once in a while for the Doo Wop.

I have a request. If you have it, Dee Jay 55020 is Mule Skinner Blues by the Fendermen. Now there is a Dee Jay that would be right at home with your BB posts.

tanx much for all your sharing.

pablo said...

Hi, garage 66, I really like those Buffalo Bop compilations. There is nothin' like Old Time Rock'n'Roll!
Bute some touch of Doo-Wop would be a Great idea.
Thank you for all your postings!!!

garage 66 & mojo repair shop said...

Link here: No passwords:

you might have to copy and paste this into a word program to get the entire link in order.
Oh, it's simple! Don't whine,it's safer to do it this way.

Mojo Repair Shop/Garage 66

pablo said...

Some time ago i read a brief biography of Lonnie Barron. Finally I have listened his most popular tune "Teenage Queen" in Alley Cat compilation.
Thanks a lot!!!