Friday, August 8, 2008

The Crusaders-Fat,Drunk And Stupid-Aussie Crackpots

Yeah I think someone posted some Crusaders on their blog site
recently, but they didn't post this one from 1996.This is fair game.
So let's add this one too,because YES I think this is a great band who is
shame-fully unknown! They're from Australia, and play a mixture of
surf,garage,and punk music. And yeah they play wearing these awful
costumes,and they look like "Crusaders" Get it? They're a rough and
tumble bunch, a lot like the Mummies, but without the funny smell!
They drink a lot, and have more fun than we do!
They're probably still playing in Australia right now.But I haven't
seen any of their releases lately, and have to wonder if they
broke up. (?) It would be a shame as well, they released some fine
music on Dionysus Records,and Larsen Records(France) and a
few singles on other small labels. They did tour the United States in
1998 (I think that was the year I saw them play)
(It's kinda blurry to me)and they never came back since
(that I know of). So the best I can do for you is at least make this
available to you to hear. I love them,once I heard the single
"Yeah Yeah" on Dionysus, I couldn't help but love them, and buy
all of their records! Please do the same!

1.She's My Woman 2.Sea Of Sound 3.One Eyed Bikini Monster
4.I Dig Your Holes 5.The Freak 6.So Pretty 7.Fisherman's Basket
8.Hot Rod Baby 9.Flippin' Out 10.Wave To The Grave 11.Sabrina
12.Waiting For The Day 13.Silver Sands.

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