Monday, August 4, 2008

Satan's Pilgrims- Soul Pilgrim- Shit Sandwich!

Shit Sandwich just happens to be my favorite song on here...It's Sweet,
Sultry and Swinging! Again, this is more surf instrumentals of the highest
quality! This release is on Estrus Records,and also worth tracking down.
My little sticker from this album says: "Also includes the following
hits missing from the menu: Backyard Compost, and Haunted House
Of Rock '95".(I don't want to miss a thing! And now,you won't either)
Here's the tracks surf boy:
1. Soul Pilgrim 2. Steel Peer 3. Plymouth Rock 4. Scatter Shield
5. Morpheus 6. Spoke 7. Shit Sandwich 8. Pilgrim Stomp
9. Beach Creep 10. Action Plus 11. Small Craft Advisory
12. Shootin' The Pier 13. Let's Go To The Beach.
You must go to Trustar Vibrations blogspot and seek more fabulous
surf instrumentals! The link is on my page of "Hipsters".


Trustar said...

Thanks for the plug '66

Nice round of instro posts also. Hit me with an email. I have a few to send you.

Kickin' it up here, Boss Lady


Brandonio! said...

Actually I posted this on my site just a few a few weeks ago.I also posted the self titled album and a rarities comp.If you haven't check out my site please do so.I have linked your awesome site too.