Monday, August 4, 2008

Satan's Pilgrims- At Home With...Satan's Pilgrims- Do The Turkey Trot

A mixture of instrumentals and surf music.One of my favorite bands
from the fabulous great Northwest! Now,I know that Trustar Vibrations
beat me to posting some Satan's Pilgrims.But at least this is different.
This would be their first release on Empty records,and well worth
tracking down. They have other releases on Estrus records too.
I collected everything from this band, because they're very easy to like.
Here's the tracks, give it a listen or two...easy to become addicted to,
and great for your next pool party.
1. Que Honda? 2. Turkey Trot 3. Movin' 4. Surf Lyre 5. Mr. Moto
6. Peter Lorre 7. Petty-43 8. Squad Car 9. Music To Watch Girls By
10. El Rey! 11. Burnin' Rubber 12. Sno-Dad 13. John's Moods
14. The Lonely Pilgrim 15. Satan's Theme

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