Friday, August 8, 2008

The Mummies-Never Been Caught-Flat One Dimensional Mono Mummies

What can be said about them, that the Mummies already haven't said
about themselves? Ha ha! They are wacky,wild, and unfortunately
broken up. This band is a great yardstick for your band. Get wild, go
crazy, and play in smelly mummy bandages. Maybe not the last part.
But certainly let it all hang out, and play like it was your last show ever.
What have you got to lose? Their shows are now legendary, and I only
wish you could look through my eyes, and have seen this band play!
What a tornado of flying keyboards,guitars, and bandages. Almost like
a cartoon Never a dull moment, and good music too?
Wow! At some point you could check You Tube and do a search,
and maybe some lively person might have uploaded one of those now
legendary live show clips,and you might get a feel for how they were.
Chaos! If you want pretty music, then get your assigned seat at some
large venue, for $150.00,in the nosebleed section, or sit up front with this
band for $6.00 (plus two other great bands) and if you're not afraid to
get a little dirty from the flying debris, you'll have a much better time at
a small club show with bands like the Mummies and their friends,
and have something really to remember the rest of your stupid life!
You haven't lived until you hear this:
1.Your Ass(Is Next In Line) 2.Stronger Than Dirt
3.Little Miss Tee-N-T 4.Come On Up
5.Sooprise Package For Mr. Mineo 6.Rosie 7.Shot Down
8.The Ballad Of Iron Eyes Cody 9.Skinny Minnie
10.She Lied 11.The Red Cobra #9 12.The Frisko Freeze
13.Justine 14.Mariconda's A Friend Of Mine 15.The Thing From Venus
16.Shut Yer Mouth 17.Jezebel BONUS TRACKS:
18.(You Must Fight To Live)On The Planet Of The Apes
19.Whitecaps 20.I'm Down 21.Your Love 22.Uncle Willie.


Trustar said...

Yes! Another Mummies disc to savor. Have only been able to grab a few so far but dig them the most!

Thanx garage'66


garage66 said...

good thing trustar,grab all Mummies discs of any kind all,are hard to find. I'm sending you a special link,soon. I love seeing people post The Mummies on other sites,so others don't forget how cool they were.
garage66/mojo repair shop

germt said...

Great disc para mi el mejor de los Mummies.Un 10. Greeting.

grandprix63 said...

Hey what a great cover on that disc. The Mummies are standing on a 1963 Pontiac Bonneville. Too bad it wasn't a Grand Prix...

Lilas Conuts said...

Hello from Nouméa
The great die young