Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bad Boy- Buffalo Bop - Meaner Than An Alligator

Tony Curtis in a switchblade fight? Bad Boy-a good theme
for a series of compilations of 1950's rockabilly.
This entire comp is dedicated to them; Here's a sample
of the way cool songs and titles: All Night In Jail,Okie In The Pokie,
Don't Hang Around Me No More, Red Hot Mama,
Take It Easy,Greasy! and of course I've Been A Bad Bad
Boy by The King Beats.Yet another winner compilation of
vintage 1950's rock and roll from the original singles.
This one is a strong one with some amazing tracks!
Don't sit around wondering if this is cool enough, these
are very hard to find, and no one has ever really compiled
this large a series of rockabilly music discs. Dig it baby!


waxhound said...

Mmmm mmmm! That's good!

I used to play the vinyl LP BBs on my radio show years ago, so nice to hear the tunes that were on those + all the new ones on the cds.



Marc (Canada)

Andy Rampage said...

these 'look like' MORE *FUN* than A BOY Ought to have!! THANKS man!!