Monday, November 10, 2008

Fright'nin - Buffalo Bop - Shimmy Shake!

Back to the Buffalo Boppin' series
that we all love so much. Another
voluptuous volume of vintage voola
1950's original rockabilly
unknowns, and really very catchy
rock songs. Another 30 more tracks,
featuring the coolest songs,
I'm grooving to: You Hook Me Baby,
Koffee Shop Rock, High School USA,
Sweet Cucumber(?!), String Bean,
Weepin' & Wailin' and Shimmy Shake.

All songs mastered from the original 45's,for
optimum wattage in the cottage. The real 50's
blast daddy-o! These are hard to find ,so I urge
you to move quickly, why? Lotsa blogs have
been violated by creepy creeps, who really
don't know what to do with themselves.
I could think of a few things they could do with their
precious time, and ask them to at least consider, you're not
going to ever enjoy this music either, so why be so darn
depressing, and weird.
Bloggers will just move to another site.While you're spinning your
wheels. This is long out of print, and these songs are
50 plus years old. They are worth preserving for people who like
vintage rock 'n roll.


frumious bandersnatch said...

thank you for this new Buffalo Bop serie !!

Martin said...

You never get bored with these great Buffalo Bop series .

Thanks for sharing .

Much appreciated .

Regards, Martin

garage 66 & mojo repair shop said...

I never get bored either Martin,these are always spinning at my house. And I was never really a huge rockabilly nut.But these are so easy to like.

mojo repair shop/ garage 66

jothman said...

tanx for sharing - the best series ever! Tell us garage 66, do you have the whole series? All 111 of them?