Monday, November 10, 2008

Stuck Up - Buffalo Bop - Stella Got A Fella

Oh, what a cover -she's just being coy, not stuck up! And
how many juvenile delinquents would be caught dead near a
barbershop? And beating someone up? I think they'd be working
on their jalopies, and just hanging out, not popping some guy in
the face. Oh well, more rockabilly action kittens and cats.
My favorites are the obvious wacky songs like: Lovey Dovey,
Preacher Man, Rolly Polly, Griddle Greasin' Daddy,
Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis!, Stella Got A Fella,and the
ever popular Let Me Play With Your Poodle. (what a strange title)
Again, all of the fabulous 50's sounds,without cleaning up the
fidelity too much. Mastered from the original 45's, so it's the way
those kids heard them back then. These discs really capture that
innocent early rock 'n roll time period.


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garage 66 & mojo repair shop said...

Emily-blow me!
How did you get past the word verification and send me the spam?
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jothman said...

tanx for sharing - no spam here, but there is no word verification either.

Johnny Royal said...
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Johnny Royal said...

Hello Garage66,

My good friend Mredondo is dead.... R.I.P.

He was my brother. He carried the torch of Rock'N Roll with pride and now that he's gone.... I will carry the torch and continue the legacy.

Here you'll find the best in Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Classic Country, Oldies and more....

Please give me your rockin' blessing and put me in your favorites:

Rock On!!

Johnny Royal

garage 66 & mojo repair shop said...

I give you my rock and roll blessing.Hmmm,what would be a rock and roll blessing?
Ur...let's see,burn a guitar?
um...take you to the river,drop you in the water...wash you down.
(I'm quoting lyrics)
(hey chicks think guys who are wet are sexy)

Well, always glad to see another blogger doing some wonderful things online, Johnny Royal wants everyone to take a look at his blog,and get some cool tunes.
And if it's rockabilly,I think everyone will totally dig that.
Thanks for your link.

mojo repair shop/ garage 66

the doc said...

thanks for the BB series! Great stuff!

Dr Faustroll said...

a bunch of great comps here !
Thanks a lot for sharing...
It's a pleasure for me to add Mojo Repair Shop to Dr Faustroll's fave blogs !

waxhound said...

Dear Sir:

Dig, dig, diggin' these BBs.

Muchas gracias!

More, more, more, please.


Marc (Canada)