Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hobo Bop - Buffalo Bop - Mystery Train

Hey hipsters and cowgirls, yet more volumes of this
fabulous series of Buffalo Bops! This is yet another one with
a theme and the theme is trains. I would say this volume is
largely country western rockabilly sounding,but still really
a fun ride without a doubt. There's 2 versions of Mystery Train,
along with some other cool tracks: That Long Black Train,
Goodbye Train, Folsom Prison Blues, Train Whistle Blues,
One Way Track, Hey Mr. Porter, Kansas City Train,
and naturally, the title track Tommy Nolan doing "Hobo Bop"
This is a cool volume, and contains 30 tracks. I think you're
all going to love it like I do.


waxhound said...

Hello again Mr. Mojo

Many thanks for the continuing BB series.

I still have this one on vinyl (it was an anonymous boot at the time), but I suspect the CD has more on it.

So thanks for this, and all the other work you do!

Marc (Canada)

Dave C said...

You'd think 30 songs about trains might derail your interest, but this thing never lets up. What a hoot!

This is the first Buffalo Bop title I've listened to. I think I'll try another.

Thanks for the post.