Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Knock Out - Buffalo Bop - Rollin' Danny!

Knock out is a knock out to be sure! What is really cool
on this particular volume is MORE VINTAGE Rockabilly,
plus the original version of Rollin' Danny by Ron Haydock.
To the folks who love punk and newer UK rock music,
(just like me)The Fall did an excellent version of Rollin' Danny.
So I encourage you to check out the original version of the track.
It's wonderful. Mark E. Smith does a fine job!
The other highlighted tracks on this volume include:
Boppin' Bug, Tuscaloosa Lucy, Sweetie Pie, Don't Just Stand There!,
You're A Tiger, Let's All Go Wild Tonight, and
Bucket Full Of Tears.30 more tracks! It's all right here daddy-o.


Fusion 45 said...

I'm lovin' this stuff, Daddy-O. Gotta find a band who wants to play it. Thanks. Music Junkie at Fusion 45. Thanks for the link, too!

garage 66 & mojo repair shop said...

Thanks Fusion 45.It's hard to find like minded people who will play this kind of music,I always see newer rockabilly bands who think they sound like this,but they don't.They're workin' the tattoo side of it,and the blue jeans folded at the bottom,but that's about it. I think you have to start out slow,and just jam with regular folks who don't put on airs,and are maybe a little old fashioned types who just love music.
Thanks for putting me on your blogroll.I checked your site out,and put you on my blogroll.
We're all music junkies. So get a "daily fix" at Fusion 45 people.
You sure do blog a lot.

garage 66/ mojo repair shop

furyanimal said...

thank's for great collection Buffalo Bop. I posted in my blog one record.
Mine blog is diversified but I prefer good and old rock' n roll (oldies). If you want to place mine blog in the list of its I am thankful to it of heart.
Thank from Brasil.

waxhound said...

Another nice one Mr Mojo Repairer.

Thanks a bunch!

Keep 'em coming until I can't walk no more!


Marc (Canada)

Rockin the Blues said...

Rockin the Blues is Back


Rockin the Blues said...

Rockin the Blues is Back


jothman said...

tanx for sharing - another cool BB post