Monday, October 12, 2009

Muddy Waters - The Complete Chess 1947-1967 Discs 1 & 2

You can't have Howlin' Wolf without Muddy Waters,
I'm also going to post this whole series here on this
blog.The way things are going, maybe blogger might not
last much longer,(no don't freak out,just be wary of it)
and if you enjoy music as much as I do, it's best to post
the things that matter and mean something to
you,so that's why I'm veering off into the blues lately. Plus
I like listening to it, and find it more creative than today's
latest rehashed shit rock coming over the speakers. I'm
certain even the artists today wish they had a shred of this
man's talent. And for you people who think I'm living in
the past,well,I think it's a better place than right nowsville.
This ain't no nostalgia trip,this is real music to bite into.
And if you're smart,you're gonna pick this up,listen to it,
and see for yourself why I think it's great! So much rock
& roll and punk comes from the blues. It's honest and real.
It's made by people who didn't take music lessons,and they
just kept making music,even though it was not popular or
widely accepted. When Motown began churning out big
city hits, and more polished records for urban blacks,
music made for and made by black people everyone
abandoned this form of countrified blues.Even though
people in Chicago dug it, the new sound was Motown
and guys like Muddy had a rough time getting people to
buy his records after that. I'm glad the Stones came
along and reminded people where the real blues rock
came from. I'm glad that Chuck Berry came along and saved
Chess records from going down.Chuck's records were
more modern, and easily more marketable to radio,they
sold well making Muddy able to still record even
though his kind of music was on the way out.
Muddy Waters 1

Muddy Waters 2


guney said...

cheers dude,great posts,especially after all the howlin' wolf series!
greetings from istanbul!

Same as it ever was said...

You are the man Love these Chess years sagas. Especially Howlin' Wolf. But I'm thinking Muddy will be great too. Thanks a bunch.

breakingglass1 said...

thank you very much for the chess posts - if you like Muddy and the Wolf, and haven't seen the movie Cadillac Records, do yourself a favor and check it out. it's not perfect, but damn good.

garage 66 & mojo repair shop said...

Guney: I is not a dude,I am a chick. But thanks! I'm glad you like the music a lot,I do too!

Same As It Ever Was: No,you are the man! Thanks for your support.

breakingglass1:I did not like Cadillac Records.It was lame and missing real facts.I think I only liked the cars,and Chess Records sign on the front that rotated. The acting was wooden,and poor.Did anyone see those guys playing the Stones? That was laughable and ridiculous. I'm still glad Chess Records existed and recorded black artists,but I thought it was lacking.The subject was too large a piece to make into a 2 hour film and include ALL of those important people,and still do them justice.
Well,it's just my opinion,so don't bite my head off.

planckzoo said...

Great Post,I wanted to buy this set when it came out, but the store that had it near me only had one set and it sold before I could grab it.
Muddy always had a great band, you can really hear it when playing his music.

Paolo Meccano said...

Thanks for sharing.

KingToasty said...

It's Muddy all the way...
damn this stuff is rockin' so hard on a lot these tracks...You're right about today's shitsville music, watered down, lost crap...not a shred... I'm right with you on older's not really nostalgia it's just damn good-- I think the music industry has a lot of responsibility on taking the blame, especially after meeting and knowing a few people working in the music industry.. it's about money and not the music. Got my first muddy record years ago when I was a teen because of the Stones... that picture of them holding up the Rolling Stone album by Muddy - so I went out and found it... been slidin' on the guitar ever since...with my mojo wurkin' and everythang...thanks for posting it all--