Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Muddy Waters - The Complete Chess 1947-1967 Discs 5 & 6 Tiger In Your Tank!

Discs five and six,coming at ya! Even if you're not in the
mood for Muddy's blues,make sure you listen to this series.
Otherwise,you are shortchanging your bad self,and you're
missing out on great music.
Disc 5:
1. Lonesome Road Blues 2. Moppers Blues 3. Take The Bitter
With The Sweet 4. She's Into Something 5. Southbound Train
6. Just A Dream 7. I Feel So Good 8. Hey Hey 9. Love Affair
10. Recipe For Love 11. Baby I Done Got Wise
12. Tell Me Baby 13. When I Get To Thinking
14. Double Trouble 15. Woman Wanted 16. Read Way Back
17. I'm Your Doctor 18. Deep Down In My Heart
19. Tiger In Your Tank 20. Soon Forgotten
21. Meanest Woman 22. I Got My Brand On You
Disc 6: (Live tracks 1-9 Incredible sound! Fine playing!)
1. I Got My Brand On You 2. I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man
3. Baby,Please Don't Go 4. Soon Forgotten 5. Tiger In Your Tank
6. I Feel So Good 7. Got My Mojo Working 8. Got My Mojo
Working Part 2 9. Goodbye Newport Blues 10. Real Love
11. Lonesome Room Blues 12. Messin' With The Man
13. Going Home 14. Down By The Deep Blue Sea
15. Muddy Waters Twist 16. Tough Times 17. You Shook Me
18. You Need Love 19. Little Brown Bird 20. Five Long Years
21. Brown Skin Woman 22. Twenty Four Hours 23. Coming
Round The Mountain 24. Let Me Hang Around
Muddy Waters 5

Muddy Waters 6


Scott said...

Wow, this is excellent! You've really been moving this stuff on your site and fast! Just wonderful. As always, thank you so very much.

garage 66 & mojo repair shop said...

Actually I'm what they call a lazy poster. I do it when I feel like it. Other sites like Rockabilly Ranch,post several titles a day!
I couldn't do that. He's pretty intense,and well,that's okay.He gets a million hits,every month or so. Or at least that's what he says.
I have a life!
Uncle Gil has several people to post things,again,that's great.
They inspire me. They post daily,as well as Twilightzone is also a mighty poster.
Everyone has their own speed,and remember it's all for you,and it's free,more or less.
I go through periods of love it,and sorta kinda get tired of it.
When I do,you'll see a "Gone Fishing" sign.
In the meantime,go read The Hound blog,and learn you something.

Timmy said...

i wanna thank you for this & all the many others I've gotten from you. I wonder if this set contains the collaborations Muddy did with Wolf, Bo & Walter...???

garage 66 & mojo repair shop said...

No this is strictly Muddy Waters.
That album is called The Super Super Blues Band with a great cover picture of all of them.

Here's a link:

It's from this blog site:

garage 66 & mojo repair shop said...

Actually that link is dead.I'll look for a copy of disc in my collection.