Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Screaming Jay Hawkins with The Fuzztones

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Rev. Lou Cifer said...

I have realistically "listened" to %98 of your blog. You are my blogging hero. You are what inspired me to FINALLY create my own. Right now I just have some written stuff up but, once I figure out how to use Rapid Share, I already have some selections in mind. Can you possibly direct me to a "Tips" or "how to" site that can assist a newbie like me in getting started? I was a DJ at a community radio station in the mid-80's for about two years. PUNK, FUNK, Local, Rap, Rawkabilly, Psychobilly, anything went. I am familiar with at least %90 of your posts and was psyched to revisit them again.
Anyway, just needed to give you some propper respect, your site is AMAZI.
Not that you need it, but I posted a link to your blog on mine.
Keep up the excellent work,
The Rev
PS..When I do my first post, I will shoot you a comment to let you know, would love to hear what you think. Just don' judge it right now......