Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jack O' Fire- The Destruction Of Squaresville-More Twisted Blues

Now,this band, I was lucky to see play live.They did several shows in
Chicago as part of the Estrus Records live showcases that feature all of
the latest and greatest bands on that label, and this was surely a great
band. No longer performing together, because they all splintered off into
many other groups, and putting out records of their own. Too bad.
Because I thought this band was really incredible. I never heard a
punk band mix in blues standards like this, and make it sound so cool.
This band features Austin, Texas's best indie/punk guitar player
Tim Kerr, who was also in twenty other bands(it seems): The Big Boys,
Monkeywrench, Poison 13,The Lord High Fixers,and quite a few others.
I would call Tim Kerr the 21st Century renaissance man. Since he plays
other instruments, makes visual art, and records many other bands.
And records them well-check out The Cynics (Get Hip Records) recent
records, which have revitalized them musically more than ever!
He has a website put together just by his fans, that's how well loved
he really is. He's also in the Texas Rock And Roll Hall of Fame.
If you liked the Doo Rag disc I posted a little while back, then you're
going to love this too. Just give it a chance and it'll grow on you.
I promise, you might like it! Judging from the tracks, this should really
want to make you investigate this further!
Doesn't this track list make you wanna hear it?
1. Asked For Water (Howlin' Wolf )
2. Meet Your Death (Blind Willie McTell)
3. No Love Lost (Joy Division)
4. Moanin' At Midnight (Howlin Wolf)
5. Hate To See You Go (Little Walter)
6. Can't Tell No One (Negative Approach)
7. Own-Up Time (Small Faces)
8. Judgement Day (The Pretty Things)
9. Let's Get Funky (Hound Dog Taylor)
10. So What (The Lyrics)
11. 7th Son (Willie Dixon)
12. Stand By (The Sabyrs)
13. Boss Hoss (The Sonics)
14. Jackie-O (The Beguiled)
15. Slow Down Little Jaguar (Chuck Berry)


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goinsidemyhead said...

....excellent damaged blues...brings to mind Top Jimmy in many ways....this recording has everything a damaged blues fan could possibly desire....superior posting....merci as they say in Italy...

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Tanners666 said...

Cheers for this, love Jack O'Fire and Lord High Fixers, both seem to have tapped into the spirit of 60s garage in a really unique way.

Andy Rampage said...


Andy Rampage said...

this ONE was a:"GREAT CALL" man!!
'Glad' ithat i listened to YA!!