Monday, September 22, 2008

Dateless Night- Buffalo Bop- Various Rockabilly-Crazy Daisey!

Woo Hoo! More Rockabilly Various Artists! This one features
Alan Page- "Dateless Night", and others certainly worth your time:
The Blue Angels- "Yea Yea Miss Ann", The Jesters III-"Messed Up Woman",
and thee coolest Doug Sahm- "Crazy Daisey". Worth the Doug Sahm
song all by itself. These are really fun to listen to, did I mention that?
You're gonna dig, dig,dig this and I'm koo koo for these discs!


jothman said...

tanx for sharing

YankeeBoy said...

Hi, I'd appreciate it if you would add my new blog to your links.

You are already in mine.


budgie said...

Many thanks,
There is some of the wildest rock'n'roll ive ever heard on this one.
Some of these seem to my ears to have that 'Link Wray' style guitar sound on them.
The title song is incredible!.
You have a job to hear the vocals for the background instruments, & that guitar is psychotic!.
Driving Rock'n'roll at it's best.