Sunday, September 7, 2008

Screamin' Jay Hawkins- Spellbound! 1955-1974 Feast Of The Mau Mau! Wow!

I don't know which picture is more shocking the one with the
bone through his nose or this last picture that seems "normal".
I simply prefer the bone nose one myself,the third one,that's beautiful!
That's the way he should look,like a psycho blues voodoo
hoodoo man! Now that's a look. Now, people are paying attention!.
This Spellbound deluxe set, is quite beautiful, and is 2 discs long,
and contains really, Screamin' Jay's career highlights from
1955-1974. I posted The Best Of Screamin' Jay Hawkins
a while back, but it's a short list of songs,which don't
feature all of his vocal skills. Remember I said, he started out
as wanting to be a opera singer? Well, you can hear his
complete vocal range on this set of 2 discs .Some songs are
just simple love songs, or songs of yearning,and some are just
a great rhythm and blues workout,some songs are straight up
weird, the ones you would expect them to be. I even like his
lesser known songs, like Mountain Jive, and Two Can Play
This Game. So, I encourage you to get this one too, and crank
it up. 48 tracks total, and this is a very hard to find set!
It's plenty weird, and wonderful. And I don't really have
much more to add to this post, he's a true American original.
2 parts-2 discs ,and a lot of cool pics/scans included.
Also one you can enlarge and frame for your fridge.
(or put near your bed, or scare your Mom, or ? )
Halloween is coming kiddies!


frumious bandersnatch said...

I've had the chance to see him live a few years before his death, in France (Bordeaux, to be correct) & it was a fantastic show. I've loved his music ever since I heard "I put a spell on you" for the first time.
I own the 2 CD set you have posted, I bought it long ago & it sure is deleted now. That's a perfect companion to any best of like the one on Demon.
Thanks for keeping his memory alive !

seb said...

Hi there ,

Thanks for all the amazing music.
This URL seems to be dead though


John said...


Zach Bellissimo said...

I would love to download this but the links are dead. Any chance you could put them back up?

Bile said...

Oooh! Please update! Pretty please? Halloween 2011 is only 3 months away...