Monday, September 15, 2008

Teen-Age Mafia -Buffalo Bop- Rockabilly

There's a large series of discs of rockabilly music that should
always be heard, and collected, and that's the Buffalo Bop series.
These discs capture the real essence of that music largely from the
1950's, and usually are collected via the original singles/45's.
That's where the best sound comes from, and that's the way these
records were heard. And that's how they are presented here.
Each disc contains roughly 30 tracks or so,and they are generally
all really fun to listen to.You start listening to one,and you want more.
Sorta like potato chips, you start eating a couple, and before you
know it,you ate the whole bag.But listening to these won't put on
the calories, I assure you. Well, I know this site features mostly
garage rock, and weirdos, but this rockabilly fits right in perfectly.
With songs titles like Cut Me Up,Teenage Hop,Go Ask Your Mama,
Fire Engine Baby,and Snaggle Tooth Ann, I hope you think this is
cool, cause I do.These are very catchy compilations. So I'm
going to serve up as many as I can find! Ooh, delicious.
More to come! Dig the teenage juvenile delinquent themed covers!
Today I saw a car bumper sticker and it read-
"I'd Rather Be Blogging". Sounds good to me.


jothman said...

tanx for sharing - four Buffalo Bops - Wow!

Yerblues said...

Really nice compilations. Buffalo Bops Strictly Instrumentals are so good too. Tanx a lot, for these and all the other fantastic material posted.