Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hang Loose-Buffalo Bop- Flirty Gertie!

Hang Loose follows the tradition of this whole series, more Rockabilly
songs particularly by men about women. Although, this is typically
tiresome after a while, you will soon see more girl rockabilly comps
very very soon. I'm working on it! So, come back soon, and
hopefully I will have some done for you! It's always nice to hear songs
from a different perspective. This one,again features some fun songs,
with titles like Flirtie Gertie, Saccharin Sally, Rootie Tootie Baby,
You're Gone,I'm Left, and Rocking Jalopy. I can't help but play
this in heavy rotation. Stay tuned for more cats and kittens!
I've got some pretty cool knock out editions for you! Go,Man Go!

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