Monday, September 15, 2008

Party Crasher! - Buffalo Bop- Various Rockabilly

Still not enough rockabilly? Okay, here's the last one for today.
Party Crasher- contains the hits-Granny Went Rockin', Gee Whiz Liz,
Skinnie Minnie Shimmy, Dig Me A Crazy Record, and again, my
personal favorite Turkey Neck Stretch. You can't go wrong!
I'm all over these compilations, and am listening to them everyday.
I'm living in the past, and A-Okay with that! Join me,and the fun!


Mredondo said...

Wassup Garage66... nice blog you have goin'. I put you in my "Cool Cats & Kittens".

FYI - when I click my link in your sidebar, the link in incorrect. Here is what you have:

Should be:

Thanks and Rock On!!


garage66 said...

Ah,a mistake! I'm sorry Redondo Round Up, it's fixed!
I want people to go to your site,for sure,great music!

garage 66/mojo repair shop

Mredondo said...


Here's something for you to post on your blog - if you'd like to:

Buffalo Bop - 55004 - Rock And Roll Riot

garage66 said...

Great! Another Buffalo Bop for everyone to groove to. The link is live-so use it while you can people. More Rockabilly comps like that to come!
Thank you Redondo Round Up!
He has a great site with more rockabilly and some ultra rare Cramps EP's,and other fine things.

jothman said...

tanx for sharing - nice blog - came here on a recommendation from mredondo

malColm said...

hey there, how do I get invited to redondoroundup blog??