Monday, September 22, 2008

Running Wild -Buffalo Bop-Plumb Crazy!

More of the finest rockabilly music ever made! I'm having
a lot of fun listening to this, and I think you will too!
The name of the disc is also one of the best songs:
"Running Wild" By Blackie Starks, and there's plenty more
cool songs like, "She Done Moved" -by Jimmy Dempsey,
"I'm Gone"-by Vic Gallon, "Crawdad Song"- by Red Moore,
and "Plumb Crazy"- by Jim Murphy. Again another 30 tracks
of wild 1950's Rock n' Roll fun. You can't go wrong if you buy
ANY of these volumes, when you see 'em, git 'em!


Red Neckerson said...

These Buffalo Bops Has got my Mojo Workin!! Thanks!!


ruk said...

Buffalo Bop :

Anonymous said...

Blackie Starks is my dad. He and my oldest brother co-wrote this song and was recorded in memphis TN in 1958

Syntax said...

I guess RS deleted the file. Could you perhaps re-post it?

Tks in advance