Sunday, May 4, 2008

The 13th Floor Elevators - Paradise Lost - It's Magical

The first psychedelic band? I'm not completely sure!
Another "Wow"release here, this one from The 13th Floor Elevators,
something I really wanted to share with you dear music fanatics!
This is special! Not your run of the mill release or repackage of
this band you see so many of. This one actually has music that's
new and not so comped to death on other releases.
For example disc 2 features the complete tracks 1-14,
recorded live at The Sumpin' Else TV Show from Dallas in 1966,
at station WFAA, and the rest of disc 2 features live at the
New Orleans Club in Austin,Texas in 1968.
And it sounds pretty good- for how many people were able to
record shows live back then, and the recordings were actually
listenable? These are! Disc 1 features MANY unreleased versions
of their songs, that sound like demos,outtakes, or takes that never
made it to release, but are quite good.
One wonders how a band like them were able to edit songs out?
Plus there's 3 tracks on disc 1 by The Spades. There's also
4 unusual tracks by a solo Roky Erickson,but there's
just no release date or time when those were recorded.
(and a recorded interview with Roky-those are always fun)
Still a strong set of music, that you won't just find anywhere,
but maybe here...enjoy!


frumious bandersnatch said...

Hmm, that looks very cool... I'm always ready for some rare Elevators stuff ! thanks a lot !!

germt said...

13th Floor Elevators y posterior Roky Erickson, grandes de la música de siempre.Thanks por buena música.

gaute said...

Roky Rules!

Zer0_II said...

Would it be possible for you to reupload these? I would love to hear them, and I have a few friends that would enjoy it also. If so, could you please leave a comment on my blog if you are able to reupload them? Thank you and take care.