Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Mod Scene -Decca Originals- Various Artists

Ooh, I love these comps, when you have 80% of the tracks
on other comps, and then you see this, and have to have those
one,two or three more tracks that you don't have, and need really bad...
Well the cover should tell you everything about it. Decca Originals.
So it's limited to that label, and those bands. But for people who
are new to it, you're gonna want to really hear The Poets "That's
The Way It's Gotta Be", Scotland's best beat band!
There's plenty more, for newcomers; The Attack, Timebox,
Chris Farlowe, The Graham Bond Organisation, Ronnie Jones
With The Nightimers, The Small Faces, The Habits, The Loose Ends,
Paul & Barry Ryan, Graham Goldman (who wrote the best songs ever!)
The Quik, Hipster Image. Now we're getting some more psychedelic.
But it's a good bunch of things, that you might not have, since they
stuck to more tracks that were not big giant hits (good thing-I'd rather
hear tracks I never heard before!) so you get a good
comp here, a real nice slice of Mod, R & B, Beat and Freakbeat.
Oh yeah and one lousy Tom Jones track, because he was on the label!
Oh well, can't be perfect! Here goes The Mod Scene...


Tanguy said...

Thank you for sharing this nice comp.
Can you put the other Decca Scene? I've got some of them, and they're nice!

garage66 said...

I don't have the others;Decca Scene,etc. Those are hard to find comps.I'm just lucky to find this one. You can send a link to it,if you know how to do this,just please include artwork,scanned for folks,or send the link through this Mod Scene post. I'm sure others will enjoy it.
mojo repair shop/garage66