Sunday, May 4, 2008

Rare West Coast Surf Instrumentals Titan Records

Rare West Coast Surf and Rock'n' Roll Instrumentals making
their first-ever CD appearance. Sourced from the original masters.
That's what it says,and that's really how cool it sounds.
24 tracks, featuring: Davie Allan, The Strangers,
The Surfmen (pictured above!), The Playboys, The Storms,
Gary Usher, and The Lancasters. The songs were all recorded
between 1959-1964, by some very innovative teens making records
in the most basic recording studios,basements,and garages.
The Lancasters had a very young Ritchie Blackmore in the band,and
had ties even with Kim Fowley(the hustler and producer we all know and love)
Fowley actually spent a lot of time (6 months) out of the year in England
always looking for a cool band to work with. One one such trip, in 1964,
he found The Lancasters, who had cut just 2 sides (just one single)
and didn't think much about this single and quickly moved on. Rather
unfortunate too after you hear their songs "Satan's Holiday",and
"Earthshaker",you can't help to think what else they had, and never
released! The Lancasters were originally known as The Superstitions.
Otherwise, the rest of this release is pure West Coast
Surf Instrumentals! Dig it man!

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