Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Troggs- From Nowhere including Wild Thing,Louie Louie,Your Love

"Ride Your Pony" indeed! Finally someone releases,reissues the first
album by one of thee coolest bands from the 60's. Thank you!
Repertoire Records! (I Love You) For anyone craving this band,
I'd buy this release, cause it's stellar! It also sounds fabulous.
20 Tracks including: Their big hit,Wild Thing
(I guess written in one minute flat) (Why are all the best songs written
in one minute flat?) Why? Because they're pounding-ly simple,
they sing like nursery rhymes,are repetitive, and kinda stupid.
The perfect pop group! And they look like cavemen-even better!
This release also includes: Hi Hi Hazel, Lost Girl, Jingle Jangle,
When I'm With You, Evil, I Want You, With A Girl Like You,
I Can't Control Myself, Gonna Make You, As I Ride By,
From Home, The Yella In Me, and even more!
Simple and sexually charged pop songs!


jothman said...

tanx much for sharing

Dualtrack said...

God I love the Troggs, they were so good, almost too good. Thanks for this excellent post!