Friday, May 2, 2008

Turds On A Bum Ride (Garage Psych Compilation)

Wow,it's been how many years since I found this compilation?
This came out in 1989,and it was gone soon after. So it's time to
dust it off and post it here. Cause it's cool. Actually it wasn't dusty.
I was just playing it,and enjoying the music,although it's kinda
an oddly put together compilation, it's still enjoyable, and you
will find some uncomped(at the time) gems in this just like I did.
I brief description of what's inside:(which should send you over the top)
The MC5 "I Just Don't Know",
The Music Machine "No Girl Gonna Cry",
Mijal & White"I'm In You", The Blue Magoos "Who Do You Love",
The Id "Boil The Kettle,Mother",Kim Fowley "Animal Man",
The Shadows of Knight "I'm Gonna Make You Mine",
The Doors "Go Insane"(Demo), yes it's true. An outta tune
piano demo of them doing a crazy song I never heard before.
The Lollipop Shoppe "Mr. Madison Avenue",
The Electric Prunes "Hey Mister President",
The Sons of Adam "Baby Show The World",
Terry Knight & The Pack "Numbers",
The Jelly Bean Bandits"Poor Precious Dreams"
Ohio Express"First Grade Reader, The Monks"Complication",
The Sparkles "I Want To Be Free", and many more. There are
some filler tracks on it too, but overall, pretty cool sounding set.
Disc 2 has a song called "Bonus Track" and is quite funny.
Two separate parts,two discs, enjoy!

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frumious bandersnatch said...

Thank you ! that's a classic comp & a very solid one ! The Doors' "Go insane" is an unreleased version of a song that was later included in the epic "The celebration of the lizard".