Monday, May 12, 2008

Love- Last Walls Of The Castle - I love the band Love

I love the band Love.And I really miss Arthur Lee. I think he
had more albums in him, and more things to say, but sadly
the time ran out. I'm glad Rhino Records celebrates him
with their new release of the Forever Changes explanded
edition, double CD set. Which you must pick up, and buy,
or else, you must not come here to read my things
anymore. That's a direct order from Mojo Repair Shop.
I hardly ask anything of you,but do this, and support really
good 60's artists, who never got enough fanfare. Okay, I'll
try to get off of my soapbox now, without falling down.
I'm not going to carp about Arthur's problems or anything so
stupid here...let's focus on the music okay.
This release: Last Walls of The Castle, contains some tremedous
sounding outtakes, which are great companion piece
to the latest Forever Changes, and that's why it's here.
You will certainly learn one thing about the band, and that's
this; the other guys in the band could really really play
their instruments quite well. I have heard rumors that the
label bought in some studio musicians, but all of these years
later, I've heard very little as to who and when. So, I still
believe, from the books I've read, and other sources,
that the band really did play on this record. Some interesting
multiple takes because of the problems here and there
with the guitar sound. There are several takes, trying to
get the right speed, or the right force played on the strings,
all the way around it, you can see these people are
trying to make art and music. Behold this beautiful band
and their recordings.


germt said...
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germt said...

LOVE mi banda preferida de siempre.Y este bootleg un 10.
PD.Sería fantástico postear a Bo Diddley (favorito total).Many Thanks.

frumious bandersnatch said...

Thank you for what you have written about Love. "Forever changes" is my all time favourite album, definitely. I have been listening to this record for years now and never get tired of it. To be honest, I listen to it every morning lately, before going to work & it still sounds fresh & inspired after all these years & listens.
Thank you for your blog !

garage66 said...

Thanks for the comments. This is a band that's really durable-I can listen to their music,and never get tired of it. There are actually times when I listen to this band,and hear things I didn't hear the first time or last time I listened to it. That's pretty weird,but it's an interesting band that way. Maybe it's the way the albums are mixed,and maybe the layers of instruments. That's what make them really fun to listen to,and come back to time and again.