Monday, May 12, 2008

Nightmares From The Underworld -Various Artists-Canadian 60's Psychedelic Punk

This set of two discs, wins my ultimate ugly CD art work award.
But let's not judge the book by the cover. Everyone does that
way too often! They judge people the same way, and that's
how you easily dismiss a lot of cool things. So you people that
are shallow miss out... poor you! I feel sorry for your shallow
lives.(But not really) Anyways, back to the music. This release
has tons of mid 60's Canadian Garage that's a pretty amazing
collection of stuff: M.G. & The Escorts, The Great Scots,
The Jury, The Esquires (1,000 bands with that moniker),
Don Norman and The Other Four, Satan & The D Men,
The Quiet Jungle, The Purple Haze, The Naughty Boys,
The Northwest Company (my favorite "Hard To Cry" isn't on
this particular set,but no one's perfect). Many other bands like:
The Munks, The King-Beeezz, The Bohemians, and others
really make this a must have for garage collectors.
If this were my comp CD set, I'd include some other bands that
are sorely missing (ie: The Ugly Ducklings,The Haunted,etc.)
But you can see this set is about more obscure bands, who
never got a chance at anything, except maybe making one
or two singles, and that's about it. Hurray for the underdogs,
the misfits, and punks making music in their garages,and
basements. You are not forgotten!


gaute said...

Thank you very much,I dig psychedelic music.

Mario B said...

This is a great set ! Including one band from French Canada's Quebec (the 409 - but they sing in English). The wacky guitar solo of Underworld's Go Away is killing me !
Merci !

if Industries said...

This is an interesting pre punk moment in time. "Dont wai around" is the perfect pre punk sound with that "fuck you" resonate in the music of the ny dolls and the stooges. Thanks for the post!