Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Link Wray & The Wraymen-Slinky! The Epic Sessions 1958-1961

Once upon a time,there were lots and lots of rock instrumentals.
Instrumentals were really popular between 1958-1964.
Here's a short list of things that will no doubt,remind you how cool
they really were:
The Champs (Tequila),The Viscounts (Harlem Nocturne), Dave
"Baby" Cortez (The Happy Organ) (I'll bet!), Johnny & The Hurricanes
(Red River Rock), The Wailers (Tall Cool One), B. Bumble & The Stingers
(Nut Rocker), Sandy Nelson (Teen Beat), Cozy Cole (Topsy Part II),
and oh, I forgot EVERYTHING by The Ventures,and Dick Dale
Who can forget them? The Ventures practically kick started rock in
Japan along with the Astronauts, because they toured there first before
The Beatles!
That was a cool time for music. Link Wray is probably thee most
influential guitarists around.Who needed to sing a note when that
guitar played the most bent and out of shaped notes.
(and even getting banned from radio for this?!)
Pencil holes pushed through the speakers-brilliant!
And speaking of bent, wonderful Sundazed Records must be
applauded here, since they managed to nail it by putting out not
one,but two discs of Link, making this a really complete set!
(with Alternate Takes too!) Oooh!
(I'm licking the jewel case now) No one will ever ask to borrow
my discs ever again, and that's the way I like it.


frumious bandersnatch said...

Shame ! no one has thanked you yet for this ultra cool sundazed reissue ! so... thank you !

garage66 said...

Frumious, you know people-they just pop in and get stuff,then take off. No wanna talkie.
They won't even disagree or add some intelligent comments. Not even a request. Ho hum.

OzSteve said...

I'll give extra thanks and also suggest that the track Hidden Charms could be considered as the first punk record - it pre-dates all the usual suspects by a good few years - try listening to this, followed by Sweet Young Thing by the Chocolate Watchband or some Kinks or Pretty Things

Buck said...

Thanks for postin such a great album! You've got yourself a great thing here, i'll definately be stickin around!

Ian said...

Great album ... not quite what I was expecting ... but in a good way.
Link was the man .. heck he probably still is!