Sunday, May 25, 2008

500 Miles to Glory-Various Artists-This Is Rock n' Roll!

The Gearhead Magazine Compilation, and Fink from Teengenerate says
"This is Rock 'n Roll" and I couldn't agree more with him!
Wonderful artwork-a direct take off from a classic album from the 60's, yet
the music inside is pretty much the coolest indie/garage punk bands around.
(At the time) Whatta line up here: The Supersuckers, Blag Dahlia from
The Dwarves, Teengenerate (heart attack Japanese rock),
The Lord High Fixers (with Tim Kerr-who's been in some of thee
coolest bands since the punk era: The Big Boys,Jack O' Fire,
Poison 13, and many others)
Who else? Oh, the greatest: Girl Trouble, The Fells, Nine Pound Hammer,
The Drags, The New Bomb Turks, Steel Wool, The Fall-Outs, and
Uncle Joe's Big Ol' Driver. What are you waiting for you sissies?
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