Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Beguiled- Blue Dirge- God-Like!

Hypnotize rock I like to call it. This will definitely put you in a
weird mood, but this is a great record. It might even be brilliant!
Whenever I feel depressed (which was after Bo Diddley passed away)
I reach for this album, and play it from start to finish.
It's throws me in a strange mood!
There's no bad songs on here, they just get stranger and stranger
though. It draws you in like a good scary movie, because you
want to see what happens next...It's like a real psychotic reaction.
How do you describe this feeling? Just look at the cover.
It's mad, it's scary, it's weird, it's wonderful. Recorded in 1993
in Austin Texas, at this wonderful small studio called The Sweatbox.
I think the band is originally out of Orange,CA. I dare you to
download this and listen to it! Aural pleasures await you.
And I'd better make an appointment with my doctor soon.


Michael LaVella said...

I've gone back to this LP time and time again as well... great post

garage66 said...

possibly Mike of Gearhead?
I've met you before,at different shows. Yeah this album is really amazing,each time I listen to it,I hear different sounds,and odd music.And I know those aren't the voices in my head. It's voodoo man.
mojo repair shop/garage66

xxx said...

One of my best friends bought this vynil back in 94,we used to get all crypt records stuff...this record was,is and will be one of my favorites.